UB₃₁₃ 2003 reality emerges in a certain way heavenly bodies display themselves as stars as planets reveal their orbits within the parameters a telescope our skies our times cast lights impose their presence in a certain light to see how we are predict create models reject the unity of skies and image tell how moons plutoids appear 1 billion Jupiter-like bodies up above radiate insight pronounce temporary lightness temporary wonder
Rozalie Hirs - Geluksbrenger

Lucky charm, traces
Family Tree
Then I learned (0-38 years old)
Dreams 1989

Time curved
Silver dew

Now is a rose
Sun same room
Water of poems

Curved space
UB₃₁₃ 2003
Life possibilities
UB₃₁₃ 2003 (translation: Donald Gardner)

The website is a integraal digitaal ontwerp door [[prog]] of the dichtbundel Geluksbrenger door Rozalie Hirs (Amsterdam: Querido, 2008). This website kwam tot stand met een subsidie van het Nederlands Letterenfonds.

Voor de bundel Geluksbrenger ontving Rozalie Hirs werkbeurzen van het Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren.

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