TUMBLER Blissful state of residing below sea level or above the clouds finding a dusty feather the bird and all changes in the twilight comments disappear from the sun shimmering with rain the weight the things more or less is what we call life small white flowers that grow between stones are there enough memories for a stream of things compressed into a moment with this image or feeling the grass that waves the reed sings and water only rustles in the language of birds or whales and flows just as long as the air around trees loses itself in time and lives in memories uninvited evidence in the presence of whales and birds through water smoothened pebbles color where this is going that you live and know you will pass as all meaning in the end your consciousness a short summer
Rozalie Hirs - Geluksbrenger

Lucky charm, traces
Family Tree
Then I learned (0-38 years old)
Dreams 1989

Time curved
Silver dew

Now is a rose
Sun same room
Water of poems

Curved space
UB₃₁₃ 2003
Life possibilities
Tumbler (translation: Willem Groenewegen & Rozalie Hirs)

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