PATTERNS In the circulated storm I take up my seat in the skies the plane climbs past clouds towards the light discovers sleepy this morning like a flying fisherman en route invisible leap lightning-striking through a breathing flock of birds the flowering almond tree utterly gorgeous region on a lake a hill misty valley buttressed by higher hills expanding into a town where flooding rivers solstices shine of the living and lovers belonging to nobody touching each other falling receiving the latest news today say in surroundings of a handful of people and things
Rozalie Hirs - Geluksbrenger

Lucky charm, traces
Family Tree
Then I learned (0-38 years old)
Dreams 1989

Time curved
Silver dew

Now is a rose
Sun same room
Water of poems

Curved space
UB₃₁₃ 2003
Life possibilities
Patterns (translation: Donald Gardner)

The website is a integraal digitaal ontwerp door [[prog]] of the dichtbundel Geluksbrenger door Rozalie Hirs (Amsterdam: Querido, 2008). This website kwam tot stand met een subsidie van het Nederlands Letterenfonds.

Voor de bundel Geluksbrenger ontving Rozalie Hirs werkbeurzen van het Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren.

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