FAMILY TREE mother femme fatale pulled from the mud father weeds grow everywhere brought the spirit from mothermother butterfly of tales worth a lifetime motherfather in blue jaguar sugar-coated easter eggs of magic motherbrother four years old ferried in pyjamas across the river IJ mothermothermother died young mothermotherfather baritone undone by women and drink mothermotherfathermother threw the digging of the Overtoom in a sock 100 saved guilders dream at the foot of the bed motherfathersister cast away household drudge dismissed as mad born 19 October 1919 motherfathersister alleged mothermother fathermother imagined link between everything tractatus fatherfather for cigars and a drink neighbourhood letter writer fathermothermother unmarried without means fathermotherfather in flesh and blood repudiated in the name of the stone the fortune from his fathermotherfatherfather first paint manufacturer in the netherlands established at haarlem gambled away on horses drowned his 19th birthday fatherfathermother had 15 children of whom the youngest fatherfather living tree brings to life music or is it words?

Rozalie Hirs - Geluksbrenger

Lucky charm, traces
Family Tree
Then I learned (0-38 years old)
Dreams 1989

Time curved
Silver dew

Now is a rose
Sun same room
Water of poems

Curved space
UB₃₁₃ 2003
Life possibilities
Family Tree (translation: Ko Kooman)

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Voor de bundel Geluksbrenger ontving Rozalie Hirs werkbeurzen van het Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren.

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