DREAMS 1989 The virgin mary with a dick and naked breast is both man and woman has jesus on her lap in a bearskin tent lives in the mountains there creeps a flea where toys appear and a storm then the neighbours come and get me to take shelter in a little blue cottage with four rooms and mary pregnant I listen to the baby in her tummy we’re getting kittens a toy pink piggy loses its rear end rolls off a rubbish dump see a dead rotting hedgehog I turn away revolted visit stephanie on the heath she has furniture painted in Bavarian blue I’m standing in front of a cast iron gate overgrown with green branches full of overripe red fruit (strawberries?) see a sick boy in an antique bed on a lawn on a cliff a stinking outdoor toilet feet bare and badly need a wee a girl dives off the cliff into the water again and again I’m lying in clear water blue sky climb onto the diving board throw coins in the pool stand below in the water to pick them up waiting at a counter find a heap of guilders more and more I dream of a boy lying in the road who lets the cars run over him in a state of concentration like yogis who walk across broken glass then comes a heavy lorry or bus I run towards him at first he goes on lying there dead still I am crying
Rozalie Hirs - Geluksbrenger

Lucky charm, traces
Family Tree
Then I learned (0-38 years old)
Dreams 1989

Time curved
Silver dew

Now is a rose
Sun same room
Water of poems

Curved space
UB₃₁₃ 2003
Life possibilities
Dreams 1989 (translation: Donald Gardner)

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Voor de bundel Geluksbrenger ontving Rozalie Hirs werkbeurzen van het Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren.

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